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Died Pretty's second album is presented in our custom slipcase with an extensive booklet containing many previously unseen photos. Liner notes are from noted Australian music historian Ian McFarlane.

Amongst the seven bonus tracks are rare demo's, non-lp B-sides and one of the band's greatest ever songs; the non-lp single 'Everybody Moves'.

Catalogue Number: SAND420
Release date: June 20, 2013
SRP: $25.00


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Lost was a more expansive and versatile album than Free Dirt in some ways,
a refinement of what had gone before. It debuted on the independent albums
chart at #1, at the same time as the haunting 'Towers of Strength' occupied
the same spot on the singles chart. Ian McFarlane


1. Lost
2. Out Of My Hands

3. As Must Have
4. Springenfall
5. Winterland

6. Caesar's Cold
7. Crawls-Away
8. One Day
9. Towers Of Strength
10. Free Dirt

Bonus Tracks: (CD / Digital version)

11. Everybody Moves - single A-side

12. In Love Prison - single B-side
13. Wig Out (acoustic)  - single B-side
14. From A Buick 6 - single B-side
15. When You Dance - single B-side
16. Everybody Moves - early version
17. As Must Have - demo
Free Dirt - demo