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"More than anyone else, Lobby helped create the Australian guitar sound. Long before Angus (Young) or Billy Thorpe or the Angels or Rose Tattoo. Lobby inspired Australian bands to step forward and play as loud and aggressively as they could. People are still trying to copy it today" – Angry Anderson (Rose Tattoo).

Aria Hall Of Fame inductee Lobby Loyde is truly one of the pioneers of Australian rock music. His long and varied career included such seminal bands as The Purple Hearts, Wild Cherries, Aztecs and Coloured Balls (as well as celebrated solo works). The First Supper Last (Or Scenes We Didn't Get To See) was the first recorded, but last released (hence the title) of the three Coloured Balls albums – the other two being Ball Power and Heavy Metal Kid.

Originally recorded in1972, but released in 1976, this album features all the trademarks of Loyde’s aggressive and inventive guitar style that would influence generations of musicians around the world. Kurt Cobain was a fan, as are Henry Rollins and Pavement’s Stephen Malkmus and, as you can see from Angry Anderson’s quote above, Loyde’s influence on the early Australian rock music scene cannot be overestimated.


Catalogue Number: SAND445
Release date: October 24, 2013
SRP: $25.00



1. Time Shapes
2. Mean Mouth Lives
3. So Glad You're Mine
4. Working Man's Boogie
5. Johnny B. Goode
6. Love Me Girl Because
7. Mama Loves To
8. Liberate Rock Part Two Revisited


Although Coloured Balls were only around for little over two years, they changed the landscape of Australian rock music forever. Sandman Records are proud to make this seminal album available, remastered, with original artwork restored, on CD for the first time.