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Catalogue Number: SAND441
Release date: September 18, 2013
SRP: $30.00



Disc One - Only Human             
1. Only Human          
2. Shake It
3. Mercury
4. Small Mercies
5. Long & Strong
6. Suicide Sister 
7. Black Angel
8. Bad Scene
9. Mayday In Arcadia
10. Damsel In Distress
Bonus Tracks:
Single 1981
11. Deep As You
12. Stronger Together
13. Falling


Disc Two - Sweet Nothing

1.Nothing Special                   
2.Traveller In The Night
3. Hand To Hand       
4. Swing Tonight                    
5. Night And Day                   
6. Pile-Up                               
7. Rivers Of Blood
8. Stormy Bed
9. Miss Right
10. The Wait Is Over
Bonus Tracks:
11. Passing - Single B-side
12. Looking For You - Single B-side



Only Human is rightly regarded as one of the best debuts ever released in this country and Gillespie as one of our best ever songwriters. Gillespie is joined by some Australia's finest musicians including; Ross Hannaford (Daddy Cool), Joe Creighton (Black Sorrows, Tim Finn) and Mark Meyer (Stylus, Richard Clapton). Gillespie’s second album: Sweet Nothing. This 1982 follow-up is another peerless collection that would also become his first national charting album. Recorded at the same studio with similar personnel, Sweet Nothing works well as a companion piece to his first album. Returning was guitarist Ross Hannaford (Daddy Cool), drummer Mark Meyer (Stylus, Richard Clapton) plus new bassist Tim Partridge (Company Caine, Mighty Kong, Renee Geyer Band).  Both CD’s are digitally remastered and feature rare bonus tracks.